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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Short bug hunt

Fullerton City, NLTT4952. Cash: 1,4 million Credits. I gather from the comm chatter (ED forum) that the highest upgrades in this beta are grade D outfits. In that case, my Lakon Type 6 freighter seems to be already not too badly equipped: E4 Frameshift drive, D4 Thruster, H3 Shields, H2 Life support, D3 Power plant, H1 Scanner. Class 4 is the highest class my ship type has access to.

Upwards, onwards, I say! I want to have enough cash for the next beta client in order to get right into the ship I want, with some good upgrades, in order to do what I want. Which is, as usual, a little bit of everything. I think the Jack-Of-All-Trades really is my archetype.

For this session I resolve to do only big transport missions. A first jump to Locke´s Claim, LHS64, goes without incidents. I have one >60k Credit transport mission aboard, plus Uranite and Indite which I know of are sometimes part of fetch missions at Fishers Platform, also in LHS64. Which is now my next stop. I was jubilating too early; the exit from supercruise on my way there hangs the client.

Also, I wonder why I haven´t seen other players now for quite a while; could this be linked to networking errors, too, or is this pocket of the galaxy indeed devoid of players?

Which prompts me to a change of plans. I received a message in my tickets:

"Please access your AppConfig.xml which can be found in your game directory and open this in Notepad. You'll see a block near the bottom named "Network". Please insert the following lines somewhere in that block -

This will produce a more detailed NetLog for us. If you could, please save your AppConfig file with these lines and then load the game again. After you close the game the NetLog can be found in your game directory with the date and time of your play session in the title. Attach this log to this ticket and let us know when you have done so.
Thank you very much for your cooperation and patience.

And, actually, a second message concerning my very early ticket on faulty bounties; I should try to re-encounter that bug and make a video of it.

Which means, I have to 1. try a few more travels and send any logs gained after hangs 2. sell my Lakon 6 for a combat ship and go bounty hunting. Willdo.

My next try to enter supercruise is perfect. For a ticket. First, the relog fails on the first attempt, as usual. Second, entering supercruise already hangs the client. But, there is a problem, closing the client via the Windows task manager yields no log entry. At least I cannot find any "NetLog" file. In the meanwhile, I of course lost the transport mission. Sigh. I relog (as usual only the second log in to "open play" after a hang succeeds) and make my way to Fisher Platform. Damn. I do not make it that far, the client hangs on supercruise exit again. I am lucky in terms of bug hunting; as I close the client via the task manager, this time, the crash report program sends a report.

Hm. Perhaps Laurie meant to just close the game normally so they can get better network settings? Well, this is all I can offer, anyways.

Strange. Still no file called "NetLog". Going through the game files, however, I find a "client.log", and it shows some data linked to today´s date. I hope this is it, so I attach this one to the ticket. Whoops, after some time I look again and suddenly I find a NetLog.log. Am I blind? I could have sworn it was not there before. After some clicking through paths, it becomes clear: There are multiple EDlauncher subfiles; the current correct path is "C:\Spiele\EDLaunch\EDLaunch\Products\FORC-FDEV-D-1002\Logs", I must have screwed up the install at some point. Probably, a new clean install would be helpful on the next occasion.

I relog into the game and manage to do a flawless flight from Locke´s Claim to Fisher Platform and back. Wow. I will send this Netlog.log, too, for a comparision between a faulty and a good run.

At Fisher Platform, I was able to sell all the Indite which I brought from Fuller Station and most of the Uranite; I sell the rest on the commodity market for a profit of 100 Credits/unit. And I got a new >50k Credit transport mission back on my way to Locke´s Claim.

This is all I can do tonight; I had only a brief time window for an Elite game session. Despite crashes and some hopefully constructive bug hunting, I managed to raise my cash a little bit up to 1,5 million Credits.

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