Flieger, grüß' mir die Sonne, grüß' mir die Sterne und grüß' mir den Mond. Dein Leben, das ist ein Schweben, durch die Ferne, die keiner bewohnt! - Hans Albers, F.P.1 antwortet nicht (Adaptation in the 80s: Extrabreit)

Friday, 17 October 2014

Nomad missioner

Checking where I am: NLTT49528, Fuller Station. The outfitting screen shows no attractive equipment. I could get into a Viper and get a refund of 1,4 million Credits. Hm. But here is nothing to do with a Viper. The bulletin board offers a hauling mission for >50k Credits Locke´s Claim. Since those missions are very short timed (12 minutes), I take it and launch quickly.

Yeah, the open play hyperjump works immediately in this session! Frontier is probably constantly working on the netcode while we are playing the game.

Arriving at Locke´s Claim, I have to wait for two NPC ships to land and start. I take my time to inspect the outpost, something which I have not done yet, blinded by the "have to make money"/"have to level up" sickness, which I brought with me from so many other computer games. It is interesting to see the NPC traffic, a Sidewinder which approaches, lands, rests on the landing pad for a while and then takes off again. So, the game seems to really simulate NPC pilots, instead of, say, just providing for random ships as background fillers.

Then, finally, my docking request is accepted. But my landing and touch down does not engage the station menu. Then I notice that the landing pad UI is turned around; this must be a bug. I try to land with my nose pointed away from the usual position, the tower. Yes, that did it; facing the direction you usually have when taking off, and the magnetic clamps finally captures me in. The bug seems to be without consequences.

Delivering to the bulletin board, there immediately are two more >50k-Credit-hauling missions, back to Fisher Platform in the same system. A third one pops up after the 5-minute-refresh, but I have to realize that my cargo hold is already stuffed, only 17 cargo left... damn. I need those 64-ton cargo racks!

As my ship attempts to exit supercruise at Fisher Station, I get an infinite loop. I can kill the client via the task manager instead of killing the process, so even a crash report is sent, good! I hope this helps to find the bug. Relogging is as usual, with the first try to enter open play barred by an error message.

Once back, unfortunately, both >50k-Credit hauling missions have timed out. And, consequently, I have 80 tons of stolen cargo in my hold; 50 Uraninite, 30 Lithium. A fitting "fetch stolen goods" mission would be cool now, but I am not that lucky. In terms of money grind, I should now jettison that stuff on my next supercruise and continue to farm those lucrative hauling missions. However, I want some change, so my goal is now to finally locate a black market around these star systems here.

An empty hyperjump to Jieguaje (tourist system) is rather blurry, but it works out. On my supercruise approach, I am contacted by CMDR Ruegi, German, who wants to know if working up to a Lakon Type 6 was difficult.Well, stack missions and find corresponding stations which are close to each other. And read my blog. :)

There is no black market at Feustel Station, though. I check the commodity market, but without gathering data from a whole cluster of systems, it does not make sense to start this kind of a blindfolded trading. Besides, my cargo hold ist still stuffed with illegal goods, 80/100.

Next try to find a black market, i engage hyperjump to Aurea (refinery system). Artsebarsky Port is close to the star, but no black market to find there. I notice a lots of ships around this outpost, but thankfully I am not scanned by a security vessel. The second outpost in this system, Engle Installation, finally is a hit. Bingo! Uraninite sells 515 (avg 1023), Lithium 659 (1744) so an overall yield of ~44k Credits. See, this was so totally not worth the time investment, comparted to simple mission farming. But I am sure that Frontier will still tweak and balance gameplay accordingly.

So, what now? I have got again a free cargo hold of 100 tons. As already stated, commodity trading requires a too tedious research. So I grab again a hauling mission worth >50k Credits, and a bundle of smaller ones, to Evergreen.

Hyperjump exit results again in a black menu screen. The usual pattern. The next try I enter supercruise before I want to engange hypercruise, and this results in an endless loop. Next relog and try to engage hyperjump works (in the meanwhile I tense up everytime I enter hyperspace, in expectation of a crash). Finally arriving in Evergreen, I notice a nice little anomaly. A little apart from the star where I arrive, there is another yellow star, orbited by a pinkish small star (or planet). Two stations are around there. Boa´s Claim is 1.800 ls out, and Trinh Depot 1400 ls. Mh, this is still ok in terms of supercruise travel time, but any farther distance would have to be considered as tedious, at least until in-system hyoperjumps are implemented in the game.

I first do a very speedy dock at Boa´s Claim and drop off the majority of my hauling missions there. Despite the crashes on my way here, I manage to fulfill every mission, even though one showed only 1 minute left when I came out of supercruise. From there, I grab another two >50k Credits-hauling missions to Trinh Depot, and waiting for a refresh of the bulletin board yields even one more. On my way there, I slow down to identify the pink stellar object in orbit of the yellow sun with the surface scanner by simply targeting it at under 100 ls. It indeed turns out to be a star, namely a brown dwarf. It also could have been one of those very hot gas giants.

From Trinh Depot, I take some hauls worth together roughly 100k Credits back to Aurea, Artebarsky Port. I launch rather quickly in order to have enough time in case of more crashes of the client. And indeed, a crash on exiting hyperjump, crash report sent. Next try. A blurry, endless hyperspace. Next try, works. Heff. It starts to be annyoing; these crashes to totally put me out of "the mood", by just focusing my perception on whether and when I actually will make it through.

Next stop: Back to Evergreen, Boa´s Claim, with roughly 60k Credits worth of hauling missions. I tentatively also accept one "fetch stolen goods" mission for 5t fish, on a 31minutes-timer. Maybe I am lucky and get an according hauling mission which I could abort? Well, no. Instead, crash on hyperjump. Hope the crash reports help. Next try; success.

On my supercruise to Boa´s Claim  I locate another unknown objects in that double-sun orbit; it turns out to also be a more unusal setup of two small planets orbiting each other. Arriving at the outpost, I am again docking very speedy because of one mission expiring in 1 minute, and I make it again. Yay! My cash account is now at 2 million Credits.

Time to switch my environment. I travel a bit further, to Ao Shun (industrial system), no cargo or missions aboard. Nicollier City is an Ocellus-type station. It has all ships for sale, nice. And a lot of gold missions on the bulletin board, to take note in case I find a good supply somewhere close.

So, what to do now? Just missioning around is a bit boring without a goal behind. Grinding cash seems moot because of the wipe in two weeks already. No Asp for me this time, I guess. Combat missions were not seen outside the Eranin-neighbourhood, but going back there seems boring too. It seems the best to do right now is to just continue a bit of sightseeing and to leasurly take some missions now and then. However, the scanning/exploration stuff is just too boring; I am fine with locating stuff visually and maybe get some info on particular intersting objects now and then. A systematic scan of every stellar object would be "work", and this is a game.

Maybe on my travels I will stumble upon even better chances to make profit? But at least will be able to say that I travelled through the beta2 pill. There is a nice thread in the ED forum where people can point out interesting points of view. Maybe I can find something to add there. But for tonight, this is the time to end my game session.

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