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Monday, 6 October 2014

Enlightenment is dawning

Reading through a lot of forum threads after my latest game session, enlightenment starts to dawn. Sneaky Frontier bastards, they sure do like us to guesswork our way into the game! I wonder if this keeps the game accessible enough for drawing enough players, and also, for the limited time for beta2 they really should have set us better on track for an optimal testing. And now those riddled remarks of some forum members start to make sense; sneaky bastards

So, what is this enlightenent about? It is the reputation game mechanic. So far, I thought it was some kind of topscore thing, a higher ranking for some e-peen titles, like, "Dangerous". Of course I read the DDA, and I of course read that reputation also includes individual reputation scores in relation to NPC, parties, governments...

When I read that side remark in a forum post, suddenly it came to me and I really felt like banging my head on the desk. Doh! The mission strategy of course should have been to take missions from a specific party only, to improve reputation and thus get better i.e. more lucrative missions from said party. How dense of me! So my plan so far has been "wrong"; it seems that under this kind of game mechanic, doing a little bit of everything, missions from a bit of every side, will actually do not much good for me. I need to seriously "grind" some reputation, thereby best focusing on one or two NPC/parties/governments in order to get to more lucrative missions. Maybe even exploration rewards are tied to reputation? I need to fire up the game and test all of this.

But, how on earth could I have guessed that the whole commodity market was also based on reputation? Those industry worlds without any supply of industrial commodities? Its not a bug, its a feature! You need a reputation with the government, e.g. the Federals, in order to be let into the supply sources. At least this is what I think, and for sure I will test this in my next game session. However, this theory explains why at the end of my last session, Aulin started to have some supply for me which was not there before. It all comes back with reputation gains. Oh dear, so easy a conclusion, right in front of my nose! I just assumed so far that the game needs time to fire up those market supplies, that the supplies regenerate based on a timer; I was probably very wrong about attributing all to only the "regenerating market"-game mechanic alone!

Re-examining where I stand so far, I probably was lucky that I always chose the Federation side in those warzone missions. Also, by chance I accepted a lot of missions for Aulin Enterprises, so naturally, Aulin is one of my first supply sources. On the other side, the Eranin sided parties probably do not like me very much anymore. So, once important and close source of Coffee and Tea seems to be closed up for me. What a pity, I saw so many Coffee and Tea missions for about 13k each. I even did stack six of them, but now I know why I did not find any supplies on the markets which were indicated by the trading view of the galaxy map. I strongly assume now that those markets indeed supply Coffee, but only when you have a sufficiently high reputation.

Ok, this post was only about a change of plans, given a new perspective on the possible game mechanics. We will see how it will turn out soon.

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