Flieger, grüß' mir die Sonne, grüß' mir die Sterne und grüß' mir den Mond. Dein Leben, das ist ein Schweben, durch die Ferne, die keiner bewohnt! - Hans Albers, F.P.1 antwortet nicht (Adaptation in the 80s: Extrabreit)

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Back in business

Cernan City, Taurawa. There is a high population refinery system close by, BD+64 1452, and this high tech system here has a high demand of almost every metal. I smell a trade route. Cashing in money makes sense again, as I read today in the ED forum that the next wipe will be only partial and your money will be carried over. Good!

Both outposts in that system are a bit away; 3300 ls for Khayyam Outpost, which has the commodity market over there. Hmmm, yes, but every metal there is in low supply, the price being in the range of 100 Credits to the galactic average. Which means, overall no good profit margins.

Change of plans, studying again the galaxy map. Whoa. There is a slider which lets me fade out certain population sizes! I crank it 3/4 up and see only billion-populations worlds. I count just about a dozen of them in the whole beta2-pill. Would a trade route between those finally make sense?

HR7925: Agricultural, but oddly, the system map does not show a station.
Ross 210: Industrial.
Apishim: Agricultural.
Exbeur: Extraction; now, that is rare, with 930 mio population.
Most other high pop worlds are green, i.e. agriculture. Makes sense, many people where much food is to be had.

Ross210 is close to the system which made me so far my best profit runs: LHS64. So I decide to go back there.I jet a while between LSH64´s two outposts and Fullerton City in NLTT49528 (ai, almost forgot the latter is 6800 ls out there). A lot of Bertrantide fetch missions, I wonder where I could source this. Fullertin City does not have it, for starters. But there are so many missions, which are simpler and faster to do.

Well, fast, if I wouldn´t have hang ups or crashes. So far it went smoothly, but an exit from Fisher Platform to Locke´s Claim hangs the client. I have had enough the last days, so I relog to solo mode. This works flawlessly, and I finally have a peaceful game session ahead of me.

On one of my runs, I miss another >50k haul by just one cargo unit too less cargo hold. Unfortunately, when docked, you cannot jettison cargo, or I would have made room.

After a while, my cash jumped up to 2,8  mio Credits, and all that money itches. So, I buy it off with a better power plant, 3D, which brings my Lakon6 up from 9.000 to 12.000 power, and a 4D thuster, with overall 620 tons thrust. Down to 500k Credits again. My Lakon6 must be worth quite a bit by now!

What the increased thrusters serve at, is not very clear. Maybe turning rate? This is probably why I can fly better and better landing stunts and circle much closer in supercruise. My boost speed is now 370 m/s, and I believe I started with the barebone Lakon6 with a boost speed at around 320 m/s. Also, the increase power plant seems to accelerate the recharge of the capacitors. I can boost now almost nonstop.

At one point my grinding is delayed by a prolongued "request denied" incident at Fisher Platform. Many missions to Fullerton City are running out, since I collected them via several visits to both outposts here in LHS64. In my haste, I also abort a mission instead of repeating the docking request.

But all in all, the mission farming at this location earns me money at superiour speed, compared to all other locations I have visited and tried so far. Looking up the Asp´s price in Fullerton City, I am only 2,8 mio credits away. However, with all the upgrades, the Lakon6 has become much more fun to fly than I ever thought. Maybe I just continue and do the Han Solo and pimp my unseeming freighter to unexpected levels.

After a while, my cash is back at 1,4 mio Credits, and the evening over. It was a nice game session, no crashes and hang ups really made me relax again. Feeling a bit like letting down Frontier, since they probably still need feedback on the "open play" network issues; but, sorry, I needed a kind of holiday from all those crashes!

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