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Friday, 5 December 2014

Rare commodities

Interesting info from comm chatter (ED forum). There are rare commodities, which represent products which can only be created in one specific star system.

Bast - White Hart Lane - Bast Snake Gin

Chi Eridani - Steve Masters station - Chi Eridani Marine Paste

Delta Phoenicis - Trade Port - Delta Phoenicis Palms

Eranin - Azeban City - Eranin Whiskey

Ethgreze - Bloch Station - Ethgreze Tea Buds

Hecate - RJH1972 - Hecate Live Sea Worms

Heike - Brunel City - Ceremonial Heike Tea

Lave - Lave Station - Lavian Brandy

Thrutis - Kingsbury Dock - Thrutis Cream

Toxandji - Tsunenaga Orbital - Toxandji Virocide

Xihe - Zhen Dock - Xihe Biomorphic Companions

Apparently, their value increases in direct relation to the distance from that system, maxing out at aroun 20.000 CR per unit. I will for sure look out for them, but I won´t go specifically hunting those which are already on the list in this thread; chances are that a lot of CMDRs are already treading this mill. But good as a fall back option the information is valuable.

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This is a nice example which confirms my "ethical" stance on "secret" information; do not keep it secret. Instead, get your share and then pass it on, like a chalice of excellent wine you want to pass around the table. Herne protect us. You might loose a bit of the profit at hand, but the community as a whole profits and you might be repayed a thousandfold when many others act the same way.

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