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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Gamma 2.0

Yiphiehjay! Gamma 2.0 is out. And a new trailer with some incredible (literally...) fights. I wonder if some day, with the Oculus Rift, I will be able to maneuver in dogfights like this. At the Premiere Even, when I could test it, I had the distinct impression that so much more was possible when piloting with the Oculus Rift; almost like some extra senses of directions and control in my brain where suddenly put online.

While I am waiting for the slow download, first screenshots of the new ships pops up in the forum. The Adder seems to be a slightly bigger hauler, costing 87808 Credits:
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However, the Lakon Type 7, well, I think I am instantly in love; this ship looks so awesome! A pity it is so expensive, 17,5 million Credits!

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Another caveat, which is soon mentioned in the forum, is that this ship is too big to dock with an outpost. This basically means that my in-system trade route in Yakabugai has already maxed out its potential with my Type 6 (and its 102 tons max cargo capacity), and I would need to find a similar good one between two large stations in order to make use of the Type 7 (supposedly 230 tons max cargo capacity).

Unfortunately, loading the gamma2.0 client takes very long, so this evening I am cut short.
I am still at Boltzman Gateway, LTT 7548. The shipyard offers also an Adder, but not the Type 7. I also encounter the bug I read about in the forum; the Adder is gone from the menu when I look there a second time.

I take the Adder on a quicky test parcour, over to the other station which has a commodity market. This already takes a while, some 2000 ls to cross. It looks and feels and basically is a slightly upgraded hauler. Which is a bit disappointing. I think there are plenty of holes between the 130.000 Credit Cobra and the 1.000.000 Credit Type 6 and the 6.000.000 Credit Asp and the 23.000.000 Credit Clipper/Droppship. But not beween the price range of just 30.000 to 130.000 Credits. Also, the cockpit view is rather limited, same as the hauler, even though this one here is a two-seated version. Verdict: Useless ship. Sad. Maybe again worth looking at some point later when multi-crew ships are going to be introduced to the game?

My short flight is met by weirdness. First, I am attacked by Federal Fighters when I leave the dock. Why? Then I am interdicted and do not manage to evade; a system security Viper is red, scans me but does not attack but tells me to proceed. So, what now? Am I an enemy to the Federals or not? I guess I will have to wait some time to get this sorted out. Either bugs or some special meaning from actions in my past which I did not understand the consequences of. If the situation worsens, I will have to withdraw to Alliance or Empire space. And just come into Federal space for some vicious bounty hunting trips...

Despite those irritations and being underwhelmed of the Adder, I like the changes of Gamma2.0. Routefinder, a little display for the frameshift cooldown time, some more mission types and a better reputation overview layout/design. Keep it coming!

That´s already it for tonight.

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