Flieger, grüß' mir die Sonne, grüß' mir die Sterne und grüß' mir den Mond. Dein Leben, das ist ein Schweben, durch die Ferne, die keiner bewohnt! - Hans Albers, F.P.1 antwortet nicht (Adaptation in the 80s: Extrabreit)

Thursday, 4 December 2014


Wohler Terminal, Kremainn system. I have my A1 power coupling, but no cash to actually make use of all the new additional power. Cash... maybe I should do some traderuns on my "tobacco route" (if it is still profitable after patch)? 100k CR are quickly done like this. Hmmm... no... want a bit more of action. One more run into the ring!

Arriving at the extraction site, it takes a bit until I find a "wanted" Cobra, then I k-scan it and engage. Routine. What is not so routine, though, is that this one was heading directly towards a peaceful Anaconda, and as it of course had to happen, I miss a shot which promtly hits the Anaconda. Sigh; "wanted" again. But I just do not turn tails and run. Yet. I mean, a little I do, until some asteroids are between me, the Anaconda, and a bunch of additional, missile throwing ships. Then I note that the orginal target actually followed me, the rest not. Hehehehe.

Turn, boost to close the gap, attack. The Cobra launches some missiles at me, but they are unguided and easily dodged. Then we wrestle in circles. Moreso, this "master" Cobra pilots quite well (frequent and well executed "slow down and turn" maneuvers) and I really have to be on my toes to be not caught in its seeming endless missile stash; plus the lasers, of course. Then, a security Eagle joins the fray, also with missiles. And it is on the Cobra´s side; when two "wanted" ships fight each other, I seem to always be the priority target... Somehow, I still manage to dodge most of the fire and finally destroy the Cobra. It was worth the hazzle, as this particular Cobra had 11.000 CR on its head. Then it is time to head out, as I have no quarries with security (sometimes I ask myself why I do not, since I am marked "hostile" with the Federation, anyways...)

During the fight, CMDR Wheeljakk sends regards. I now reply the chat while I approach the station, almost forgetting to request docking. He wrote a threat on reddit because finally meeting a fellow commander was a good experience for him, too. However, before I can enter the station, I get scanned and immediately following, the mighty station guns open fire on me. Can´t even say "oops" and I have already landed on the insurance screen instead of on the landing pad! No idea why this happened; I am pretty sure I did not have any cargo on me. Since when does the station open fire on "wanted" ships? Or did my reputation finally dive below any threshold of tolerance?

Glad I still had 24.000 CR in my pockets, because the insurance wants 11.000 CR thereof. One more mishap like this and I will be washing space dishes.

In my chat with CMDR Wheeljakk, I commit to doing some teamplay, screw the cash grind. In my enthusiasm, I almost forget to cash in the 11.000 CR bounty for the Cobra; pays nicely for the loss of my ship! There is also something new, which I did not see before: I have a "dormant" bounty on me, and I cannot seem to pay this one off in the station´s contacts menu. It is only shown in the rightmenu under "reputation", but also not in the lower left overview; there it says "bounty: 0". No idea about this.

I launch and try to rendez-vous with CMDR Wheeljakk, but do not see him on my scanner. Explainable, since my scanner is very weak and short range. Before I can find him though, the station again opens fire and destroys me. WTF! What is this?

After this, I launch and make away from the station very quickly. Will have to inquire about this station agression in the ED forum. Unfortunately, CMDR Wheeljakk can neither be seen in supercruise, where there are no limits from weak scanners, even though I can chat to him all the time. We drop testwise and repeatedly into an extraction site, but no success. A victim appears and as I shoot it, another ship swoops  into my line of fire. Sigh. Wanted again, back to the station and hope it does not shoot me down again. It works, and after clearing my "wanted" status, the "dormant" bounty has also gone, finally. I should be save now again from the station, but I do not really want to test it!

I guess there is also a problem with the chat in general, because also another one from my friend list, CMDR Lazoreyes is shown in the comm menu, but there is a "-x-" next to his name and I cannot chat with him. Same happens now with CMDR Wheeljakk. First there is a loading wheel indicator, then a "-X-". It seems that I am alone again.

Some more time passes with some bounty hunting in the extraction site, only small bounties to be found, and  my fellow CMDR continues to stay tucked away in a different part of the multiverse. Pity. I should probably move on.

So I pack my stuff and move back to Eravate, Ackerman Market. The plan is to do some hauling and checking the new outfit options each station has gotten added by the gamma1.05 patch. But for starters, there seems to be nothing new at Ackerman Market. Still only the complete range of exploration scanners; good to know but not my priority right now.

There is a fetch contract for 4 silber, 30k CR. This is a quicky buck. I think Potriti had all metals, albeit in low supply. I take my chances and jump there. Yah, well, my memory was correct, but I had forgotten silver´s high price and the low supply thing. I pay 20k CR for the 4 tons of silver, slimming down my profit on this contract to a mere 10k CR. This venture was not worth so much, after all!

Now some serious hauling! Back to Ackerman Market. And then I realize, time is already up for this session. What a pity. Or maybe not; this game session was overall just riddled with annoying bugs, hampering any sound flow of the game for me. Well, ups and downs, I guess. Better playing something buggy than still having to wait for a game to be released at all, I guess.

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