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Saturday, 9 August 2014

Trading methodology

Here used to be an extensive article which took about an hour to write, on how I traded in my latest session, which routes I used, what I found helpful and so on. Then, when I wanted to update the article with some nice screenshots, the blogger.com- or firefox-software decided to erase my whole article after firefox crashed.


Tried a second time to insert pictures via copy and paste from the screenshots; this seems to kill Firefox. 

I do not have neither time nor complacency to re-write.

Short version, goddamnit, and using it to experiment how to use my screenshots:

- spent the session on trading only, bought again a Lakon Type 6 and started trading with low-price items until I had enough cash to fill up my cargo space of 100 units with high cost commodities

- trading was fun, as the grind vanished behind figuring out new trade routes by using Slopey`s trading tool and checking the galaxy map for shortest routes (beware, map still not accurate)

- doesn´t show that you can make a two-jump route from Asellus Prime to Surya; simply select Surya in the galaxy map after having jumped to Styx and "engage"!

- Slopey's tool is fun because for me like a little mini game, which makes trading very similar to finding the best missions from a mission board (for naysayers; if it becomes too intrusive, Frontier can simply make the market more volatile to compensate)

- galaxy map is beautiful but needs to have more useful and accurate information; imo, they should include the service as delivered by Slopey`s trading tool into the game with whatever fancy UI they can come up with (Frontier for sure know how to do fancy graphics!)

- galaxy map trade routes; show only a fragment of information required for proper planning; needs Slopey ftw

- personal record trade route: Asellus Prime (load res. separators) - Surya (load superconductors) for 90k + 127k Credits in a Lakon Type 6 (for Slopey-naysayers: found this route via the forum and only confirmed current profit potential via Slopey`s trading tool; found of course other similar good-profit routes with Slopey´s, in case this one is going to fall dry)

- macro´ed "request docking" in Voice Attack (works if you insert a pause after each keystroke) and a seperate one for "repeat request" in case the first one does not get through (needs different key strokes)

- have now 2,1 million Credits cash! At the start of this session (five hours, but some breaks in-between), I had but 320.000 Credits and a Sidewinder. Yay!

- Lakon Type 6; note that I removed the for-free laser in order to have maximum jump range for me and my cargo

Addendum: Found now that apparently only Firefox supports copy&paste of pictures. Chrome only allows standard upload/insert of pictures but is less buggy in return. Have to convert screenshots from .bmo to .jpg and then upoad, then it works. Tedious.

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