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Monday, 4 August 2014

Interesting snippets from the ED forum

"I discovered something interesting last night. I had a borderline jump to make, in a Sidewinder and when I tried to select my destination it was NOT listed. Even though the galactic map showed it as possible.
I thought about dropping weapons, but then realised that the station I was at was a long way from the system's primary star.

So on a hunch I cruised the distance to the star, and THEn tried, a lo and behold I was now within jump range!

So it seems the jump distances are being calculated properly from your current location to the Nav beacon of the destination, which means you may be able to make a jump that was impossible from one side of a system simply by flying to the side closest to the destination, or to the center.

I'd be interested in knowing if this is capable of opening up any systems that show as too far in the map."

I am going to try this out; maybe this is the reason why the calculations appear bugged and you are sometimes stuck in a hauling mission like I was yesterday.

... here:
 "Information about where to buy ships.

Sidewinder: Nang Ti-Khian, H Draconis, Acihaut, LHS3262, Tilian, Bolg
Eagle: Aulin, Eranin, Asellus Primus, Nang Ti-Khian, Acihaut, LHS3262, Tilian
Hauler: Aulin, Asellus Primus, Nang Ti-Khian, LHS3262, Tilian, Bolg
Viper: Aulin, Asellus Primus, Nang Ti-Khian, H Draconis, Acihaut, Rakapila, LHS3262
Cobra MKIII: I Bootis, Aulin,

Type 6 Transporter: I Bootis, Aulin, H Draconis, Tilian Lakon Type 9 Heavy: I Bootis, Bolg Anaconda: LHS 3262, Pi-Fang"

... here:
"Cobra Factory-spec Jump Ranges, Empty/Full cargo = 9.81 / 7.39 LY
Viper Factory-spec Jump Ranges, Empty/Full cargo = 12.0 / 9.4 LY

Not sure how the Cobra fairs with more equipment, but the Viper drops off to about 5.5 to 6 LY empty with a combat loadout.

Given the Cobra can run at 7.39 with 36 tons of cargo and a single pulse laser, I suspect it'll do about 8 - 8.5 LY empty with a combat loadout."

I excpect once they add warp drive as equipment we will get a clearer picture on jump ranges. Right now it is rather intransparent.

I now remember from last session that I may have shot a pirate while he was still yellow-marked, i.e. neutral. This might have earned me the "wanted"-status, and would also explain why a system security vessel turned hostile without other apparent reason.

My two newest added commands for VoiceAttack do not work very well: "assist" and "boost" seem to be too close to and get confused with other (German) words. I better change them.

... here. Maybe for later reference once the Oculus Rift consumer version is out. This game is so made for VR!

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