Flieger, grüß' mir die Sonne, grüß' mir die Sterne und grüß' mir den Mond. Dein Leben, das ist ein Schweben, durch die Ferne, die keiner bewohnt! - Hans Albers, F.P.1 antwortet nicht (Adaptation in the 80s: Extrabreit)

Monday, 21 December 2015


While Tatooine had a maximum level of 30, Alderaan ups it to 34; needless to say that my heroine is by far overqualified with level 46.

Famous tragic planet, here and 3000 years earlier an epitome of feudal governance. Apparently, the queen of Alderaan died and there was no successor. As a consequence Alderaan fell into civil war, fueled by the different noble families who all vie for the throne, and withdrew from the Old Republic. House Organa, venerable family of then Princess Leia, is faithful to the Old Republic, but faces its worst enemy in House Thul, which not-so-secretly allied with the Empire.

Alderaan is a bit coldish - prompting my heroine to change dress code.

We arrive in the middle of a terminal attack of Thul on Organa´s main estate and, of course, thwart it. Some more missions, and we make the allied Thul/Empire forces withdraw. In desperation Wolf Thul takes 300 hostages and exchanges them versus the Jedi Knight who single-handedly turned the odds against him. But the imprisonment of my heroine does not last long, as the very same hostages race to free her. Shortly later, House Thul has withdrawn, my heroine named Paladine of House Organa and free to roam and try to rally all nobles again behind House Organa, for the Republic.

However, still no clue so far about Master Orgus, who went after the Deathmark, a satelite weapon which can pinpoint and eliminate specific individuals once they were invisibly tagged. Soon, I find clues, in form of a desperate survivor of the deathmark research facility. Apparently, Master Orgus got killed by a Sith who had Killiks, indigenious highly evolved insects, as allies. Promptly, the death mark starts its work within the palace. Since I know the mark can only be placed from close range, there should be a prime suspect right now: The survivor from the research station, Aleyna Hark. However, the story does not give me an option to confront her.

First victim of the Deathmark

And another noble family joins, House Ulgo. Some more side missions, involving getting back the home of House Teral vom Killiks, and halting the advances of the Ulgo vanguard. We find out that Ulgo is torturing Killiks at places near House Organa, which makes them agressive and swarm against the alleged agressor. Of course, my heroine finds the "pain factory", along with Master Orgus, who was left to die by the Killik swarm. Also, my hunch was right, and the survivor of the research station was indeed a traitor, death marking liberally people in the meanwhile.

My heroine attempts to slow down the death satelite´s work by disrupting power stations, but it is only temporary. With renewed support from House Organa after the Killiks have ceased their swarming, we find out that our traitor went for house Thul, of all! So, grudingly, my heroine goes to save that new leader so that the Republic is not framed for his murder by the deathmark. Gratefully, the Duke, who was until then allied to the Empire, gives me the location of Lord Nefarid´s hideout. Showdown. But before a few more side missions, involving the preparation of an air strike on an Ulgo vanguard, and saving the corporals daughter who turns out to be a quite capable spy in House Rist, leading to another mission which saves a supply convoy from an ambush by House Rist.

In the meanwhile, Master Ordnin has pinpointed Darth Angal´s ship at the edge of the solar system and goes for him. My heroine has been tagged by the death mark, so both master and padawan say their goodbye on a desperate race to each ones mission. My heroine enters the territory of former House Panteer, which has been taken over by House Ulgo. I understand now that House Ulgo was the cause for the civil war, invading and slaugtering House Panteer, who had the throne for centuries since.

The missions here are no surprise: Push House Ulgo´s forces back, make contact with the survivors of House Panteer, go get Ulgo. As a sideline, some Sith need to be repelled from the local ruins of a Jedi temple. Also, in Ulgo´s palace, my heroine is tasked with recovering proof that the last queen was in fact assassinated by House Ulgo.

The hideout of Lord Nefarin is surprisingly close. Sadly, this time for real I have to witness Master Orgus´ death at the hands of Darth Angal via holocomm, which the sadistic Lord Nefarious displays. A one-man commando, even if Master Jedi, was a bit too foolhardish. My heroine has been death-marked, and of course right now the satelite´s power supply is back online. However, as a true Jedi, my heroine can dodge the deathmark´s laserblast. How cool is this! The ensuing battle with Lord Nefarius is very short. A quick combination of stun attacks and my trusty T7 droid specialised on damage dealing end the fight so fast that even the deathmark has no chance to fire a second time. Normally the combat would have alterated between fighting the Sith and dodging the deathmark attack while the former was stealthed. As such, a pretty satisfying revenge for Master Orgus´ death.

Instead of returning to the ship to bring Admiral Var Suthra the good and also the bad news, the last parts of the generic mission arc has to be finished: The Ulgo king is dead, long live the Organa king (or will it be Panteer? not sure). Interesting side not, King Ulgo seemed to be a former republic war hero who decided to take matters into his own hands. Well, friend, this was a bit too far into the dark side, I am afraid.

The end fight with the self proclaimed Ulgo King is also bit more interesting. He hides behind a shield, so I have to destroy four generators, by means of special ordonance (which conveniently rests right next to it...). Victory achieved, there is a lot commending and congratulations. I guess the new alliance between House Panteer and House Organa also marks the rise of the latter house, until far in the future, a Princess Leia will emerge from it.

Red lightsaber for revenge.

Back at the ship, the news of Master Orgus have already arrived via public execution holocomm. However, as it turns out, Master Orgus wasn´t as foolish as he led me and Darth Angral believe. His true mission apparently was to plant a tracking device. Like this, the Republic gets its first real chance to find and destroy the ship.

Incoming data suggest that Darth Angral headed for Uphrades, a rich agricultural world...

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