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Thursday, 18 June 2015

More good E3 news on Elite: Dangerous

Since I do not participate much on the ED forums these days, I got a very good summary of where it stands and some very nice news from this excellent ARS article. The title is misleading, there is a whole lot of good information for PC gamers, too.

- An arena-style gameplay is upcoming, but seperate and probably similar to the tutorial missions; I agree, it is a perfect hook for console players or those who like less complicated and more action in a shorter timeframe. Having played myself for some time the SWTOR fighter module, I am not averse to this kind of playstyle and I recon it especially cool that all this will be possible within the same game!

- Braben himself agrees with and understands players like me, who are not very hooked on the latest update "Powerplay". It is to accomodate a certain taste of certain players, and we will get more and different things. Quoth Braben: "You should do what makes you excited. I don’t want there to be a ‘right’ way, because then you’re not necessarily playing the way you want to play." Thanks, David, this restored a lot of faith for me!

- Moar ships still coming. The dearly awaited "walking in ships" and "planetary landings" features are clearly on the list and will be coming. Oculus Rift will continue to be supported. I WANT IT ALL, NOW!

Addendum: Here also an excellent ARS "hands-on" article about the Oculus "Half Moon" controller. Feel the need of a time jump into next year, anyone?

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