Flieger, grüß' mir die Sonne, grüß' mir die Sterne und grüß' mir den Mond. Dein Leben, das ist ein Schweben, durch die Ferne, die keiner bewohnt! - Hans Albers, F.P.1 antwortet nicht (Adaptation in the 80s: Extrabreit)

Monday, 16 February 2015

Rare travels

So, here are my notes on my extended tour via systems which are known to offer rare trade commodities.

- Xihe, Zhen Dock; 2 jumps; nice lavender glowing ring planet Zhen 1; 8tons "Biomorphic Companions"

- Zhen 1, a nice lavender glowing ring planet

- Chi Eridani, Steve Masters; 3 jumps; lots of conflict zones and named planets; 15 tons "Marine Paste"
- Kappa Fornacis, Harvestport; 2 jumps; Panem is a named planet there, was part of a community even "Fed vs, Onionhead distribution"; no "Onionhead" to be found here anymore; news tell about Yembo project to contruct a spacestation in HIP 101110;
- Tanmark, Cassie-L-Peia; 1 jump; 8 tons "Lucan Onion Head" (815 CR); "Tranquil Tea" (1814 CR); it seems I have missed quite a story here!
- Witchhaul, Hornby Terminal; 3 jumps; 5 tons "Kobe Beef" (4520 CR); news about a rebel war in BD+03 2338 and Banki, probably almost over
- Fujin, Futen Spaceport; 1 jump; 1 ton Tea (992 CR), 7 more after 10 minutes waiting;
- 39 Tauri, Porta; 1 jump; 7 "Chimes" (938 CR)
- Momus Reach, Tartarus Point; 3 jumps; 5 "Bog Spaniels" (1825 CR) - cargo hold starts to fill up!
- Damna, Nemere Market; 4 jumps; 15 tons "Carapaces"

And a problem, the last jump to the next target seems to be out of range... I have to take a stop at Dalevard; my fuel tank was at 1/3 and the next two systems do not have a name and thus could be without stations. Better safe than sorry! And the mystery is solved; the last jump to Ethgreze turns from a dotted line to a normal line after I have refueled. Good to know that the pathfinder takes into account your fuel capacity! So, finally crossed roughly the 120 ly from Damna to...

- Ethgreze, Bloch Station; 7 jumps! 5 tons "Tea Buds"

- on my path, LHS 2522 is a weird system; two brown dwarves which behave like planets, one even has a ring.

Also on my path, GD 319 is another big system, with extraction sites and some ships zipping around; maybe there is some profitable mining here?

- Eranin, Azenban City; 3 jumps; 7 tons "Pearl Whisky" (1633 CR)
Ah, anybody who participated in the beta will get soft feelings when seeing those. I wonder if the conflict zones are still there? It seems like an eerily forsaken place. Even though the traffic report mentions 732 ships passing through, it seems to nothing compared to the buzz which used to be here. The Eranin civil war for sure has ended, although I do not know how...
They should place some kind of monument in this area; something like "Here was the beta phase!" Looking at the map, I had not realized how close it is here to the realm of the Alliance. I am itching to zip around a bit here. Maybe later. Onwards, upwards!

-  I still remember the name of all those constellations here

- Helvetitj, Friend Orbital; 4 jumps, because I am almost on full cargo by now; 4 "Pearls" (3620 CR)
- Heike, Brunel City; 3 jumps; 3 tons "Ceremonial Tea" (1920 CR), and my cargo hold is now full!
- Karetii, Sinclair Platform; 4 jumps; "Couture" (5225 CR).

Together with the fuel costs and repair costs (I also for the first time noted "integrity damage", due to the mere act of traveling/using the ship), my cash is down from 1.2 million Credits to  974k Credits. After selling off every commodity which is worth >16k CR, I have reached 2.3 million Credits and 27 tons of rare goods from the closer range systems is left in my hold. Scanning along the way has brought me roughly 70k Credits, but I did not use the surface scanner anywhere else than on the primary star.

With this result, I can take a step back and review my activities so far. I am not sure if I want to continue like this. I am aware that this route was not proposed for maximum profit, yet it yields a rough equivalent, maybe a bit less, than if I had done my standard trade route. Maybe if I identify two spots to travel back and forth, I could increase profits and make this type of trading more worthwhile. And it seems, due to the low numbers of commodities, that this kind of trading is more suited for courier transports, not the bulk freighting I can do with my Lakon Type 6. The many jumps are a bit tiresome, though. Also, the sightseeing aspects were rare. Maybe I should instead go out into the unknown if I want to find at least something which "has been never seen before"; and with maybe some good financial surprises attached to my discoveries.

 - milky way, sun, planet, space station; what more do you need?

For a while, I had the impression that the News change according to where you are. However, they did not change anymore since the last 10 stations, so they seem to cover large regions nevertheless.

The galaxy map shows me that I am very close to the border of civilisation, sitting in the "upper left corner" (point of view towards the galactic center). Unsettled space starts just 60 ly away. I could go and look up the system which is going to be settled according to the News (HIP 101110); it is 214 ly away, roughly 10 jumps. There was also a thread in the ED forum, where a CMDR discovered a system with three earthlike planets (IC 4673 (HEN 2-333)); visiting there would be cool, but this one is 13,316 ly away from here, oh my gosh!

However this session comes to an end now. I have to admit; this session was not so exciting as I had hoped for. Well, at least I could collect close-up shots of some nice blazing stars...

... just missing the green ending, now ;*)

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