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Sunday, 28 September 2014

PPF - Pilot Peace Forces

I think this whole Eranin-Federal conflict thing made me find my "ethical" stance in this game. Here is my idea:

In EVE Online, there is currently a kind of centrally steered event in where the four factions gradually loose more and more political and official control of space, to the capsuleers i.e. the players. This is the background story for CCPs policy to enable players to produce every single in game item by themselves. From the odd salvaged rigg to the largest space station, everything.

Frontier has repeatedly stated that they do not want players to become dominant (pseudo-)political - or rather, anarchic - parties (aka warlords) in space. Frontier will uphold general control via the three main factions, but players will be able to "tip the scale" in selected and centrally steered events.

The ongoing story about the Eranin-Federal conflict is their first attempt at this new kind of live-steered world-community shaping. This is very, very innovative and to commend highly. Elite is elite in almost every aspect of game creation. I could discuss now on several pages how this reflects the need to steer human society, lest you land in anarchic situations like EVE Online represents for most of its ingame social aspects. But not here, not today.

I stated in my last post that I do not really enjoy choosing sides in a war which more resembles to real life idiocies, i.e. civil war about meaningless stuff when all what is needed is some talks and agreements so that everybody can be content. Every day I see the happy smile of my daughter, it reminds me that in fact it should be to our everyone´s obligation to exclude any person who has not for his primary goal a peaceful world, to spread unconditional love in a Christian or any other sensible religion´s sense. To my logic, this, and only this, is the way to sustain, advance and elevate humanity in an otherwise soulless universe (just go watch "Contact", if you want to see a further elaboration on this).

Thus, the emerging CMDR statements in GalNet issues of 24-9-2014 and 25-9-2014 leave a bad taste in my mouth. Similarly, I am very much disinterested by Frontier introducing some virtual ambassadors and presidents, launching some pseud-political role playing. This already and quickly went stale for me in EVE, although it survives, somehow, there until today. Sorry, not my cup of tea.

But there is something I can do. We can shape this virtual world. We can endeavour to play the game in a way that we are happy and content. This, in fact, is our primary reason to play a relaxing game and take a break from our daily life.

So, I hereby create a Pilot Peace Force. Since I am not much a fan of needless organisation and hierarchy, every CMDR can consider himself as part of these forces, by the mere act of aligning him or herself with the same ideals and principles as follows.

1. The PPF is there to interdict any war. Whoever crosses the line and shows up with military ships, i.e. ships which are clearly designed and get positioned in areas which clearly go beyond mere self defense, should be obliterated. This is not to be your main goal, but you shall follow this principle by and complement whatever your activities are.

2. The PPF is not there to interdict CMDRs from doing whatever they deem best for themselves. Piracy, smuggling, chosing a faction and gain influence and standing. Everybody is free, as this is the goal of the game, namely to observe and test behaviour, knowledge at certain goals to be set by your own interests. However, the PPF will combat CMDRs if their path crosses the principle of enforcing peace between the in-game factions. No hard feelings, it is just the rules I hereby set.

3.Think of PPF als a old school roleplay "neutral", "neutral good" alignment. So, if you act, make sure that conflict is settled or at least tuned down to non-opressive levels.

The ethic behing this is simple: The CMDRs rule the sky. If they hazzle with each other, it is their choice by being a CMDR first place. The Factions, though, represent in this world the "normal citizen". They are not to be drawn into our or any machinations, and if they join, then by choice and only for themselves. A general war or civil unrest does not fall into this category and is thus to be interdicted.

So, yes. Welcome to the PPF.

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