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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Small trading tips for Elite: Dangeous

From browsing the forums I found the following; I am still updating this now and then to have a collection of beginner tips for trading.

- industrial System - will buy metal and sell machinery cheap
- refinery system - will buy minerals and sells metal cheap
- extraction system - will buy mineral extractors and explosives and sell minerals cheap

- try to buy from poor regions, sell at rich regions
- taking 1 ton of high profit is better than 4 of low profit (not sure about that)

Edit-insert this very valuable snippet from the ED forum.

Now, I do not want to have a trading guide doing my job for me. However, it would be good to have at some point a guide on the connections between system type, tech level and the trade goods. Right now, trading feels more like a blindfolded person in a dark room looking for a black cat.

Further trading this night were a mix between unsuccessful and successful. I was lucky to grab a mission which yielded ~5000 cr by transporting sth from Dahan to Aulin. This was four jumps for my Sidewinder, but it was worth it. In Aulin, I discovered that their agri-medicinces are super high in supply and I figured I would get a good price at an agricultural world, Eranin being the closest of it merely two jumps away. Yes, bingo, almost 2000 cr profit!

Unfortunately, my attempt to bring back leather to Aulin (those high techs surely  crave for something from nature which they can´t procude anymore) failed and I lost money. But the run for agri-medicines covers this blunder well up. Next time, I bring Aulin rather some food, where they have a medium demand. Let´s see.

Edit: Final account after a long gaming night: roughly 15.000 Cr. Not too bad for a first time beta participant after two nights of play, I hope. The trade route I used about maybe a dozen times is Eranin (loading grain) - Aulin (loading agri-medicine).

Some other trade routes whispered to me from the ED forum:
- Eranin (load food, e.g. tea or coffee) to I Bootis (load tech, e.g. crop harvesters)

- iBootis fish 25k profit (sell at Aulin)
- Aulin Terrain Enrichment Systems 71k profit (sell at Eranin)
[the following I added later after I find this valuabe thread:]
- Aulin -> Aganippe, carrying Terrain Enrichment
- Aganippe -> Aulin, carrying whatever food-stuff you can, really .. Coffee or Animal Meat will do,
- Aulin -> LP 98-132, carrying Performance Enhancers
- LP 98-132 -> Ross 1051, carrying Bertrandite
- Ross 1051 -> Aulin, carrying Indium or Gallium
- Apparently, somewhere, there is a gold run that nets 1700/unit at the cost of two jumps?
- The lakon 6 can do 126k one way (Assellus - Surya, Resonating Separators), and the reverse trip does 125k, or thereabouts (Superconductors)

http://www.reddit.com/r/EliteTraders/ with a lot of suggestions for other trade routes.

I am strongly tempted to buy a hauler (~23.000 Cr) in order to increase travel efficiency. Traveling so far really is fun, trying to sling shot as close as possible to the target location in super cruise. At least it seems to be more fun than searching for enemies by doing signal hopping and hoping to catch and destroy a ship before it warps out!

- Hauler, random screenshot from the internet; looks clumsy as a hauler should. I like the kind of pseudo-realism style of the spacecrafts Elite:Dangerous

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